Monday, October 24, 2011

Highs and Lows for the Week of 17/10/11.

Salsa getting frozen.
  • I thought I had found some cheap used belly dance costumes…nope. I’m too big. Le sigh. Story of my life…
  • Sleep. I need more sleep. Not a new story.
  • We defrosted the refrigerator, yes the refrigerator, not the freezer, because the cheaper fridges here have the cooling element inside the compartment. Open the door enough times, or leave it open long enough, and your salsa starts to get swallowed up in ice!
  •  I tried to cut back on my caffeine intake this week, not that I ingest an exorbitant amount. Failed experiment. I only replaced my lunchtime soda with milk once… I will continue to try. I think I need to get more/better sleep to counteract the lowered caffeine intake. What do you think?
  • Got annoyed at some ladies who told me how to park (they go to the same gym as me). I know darn well how to park and am the most strategic driver I can be. So I parked in the ideal spot for all traffic on the crowded neighborhood street. I moved, then decided it really was the most optimal spot, and re-parked. Then they pointed to a car and said they might have trouble; I said they could get out. They said, not if it’s a woman driver! The nerve! I had to shake it off before I got to snippy…..

Street performers.
  • I didn’t get robbed or killed when I went by myself to someone’s house to check out the belly dance costumes.
  • My belly dance teacher says that she might have one for sale that will fit me. I’ll check it out later this week.
  • On Friday, we went to a dinner party to raise money for someone. We got a fun wine tasting, had butter chicken and rotis, and got an intimate belly dance performance from Danisa of Argentina. I brought my Peanut Butter Fudge and it was a hit! We had good conversation and the hubby might have made some man friends. Man friends who like to go off-roading on dunes!

    Bees with bright orange legs. Do you know what kind they are?
  • On Sunday, we went to a friend’s house for homemade lasagna, which was yummy. The conversation flowed for hours. There, someone loaned us The first seasons of Breaking Bad and Arrested Development. Um, yes!

  • I looked on Etsy for bead inspiration- I literally looked through 142 pages and pinned all the stuff relevant to my interests. Check out my “beading board” on Pinterest. For some, this would have been torture, but I love the “hunt” and am tireless to find what I need, whether it’s shopping, finding something I lost, or pinning pictures for inspiration. I guess some people might call this "obsessive"- I call it thorough! Are you like me, or would you have given up?
  • I got inspired this week and made several lovely pieces of beaded jewelry. They’re lekker! I’m kinda holding off on showing them just yet. But I will soon!

I hope that you had more "highs" than "lows" this week!

P.S.- I'm thinking of doing my first giveaway to celebrate my 200 followers (when I get there). Friends, family, strangers, all are welcome! International is fine. What do you think?

Song of the Post: Sideways by Citizen Cope. He has such a voice! I like every one of his songs that I have.


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I've never seen Salsa get frozen like that! That would have been a chore that I assign the husband! Your night with your friends sounds just divine we need to do something like that soon! Can't wait to see the new pieces you made :) Have a great week!

Bonnie said...

So glad that you didn't get robbed or kidnapped. I always fear that when I go somewhere by myself.
I think we all need more sleep. It seems like that is such a fantastical concept nowadays.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sami said...

I love the fact that you always post a music video with your posts. It´s a lovely idea, I think I will do that once in a while too, it´s cheerful.
I have tagged you in my blog about "10 things you didn´t know about me", so please tell us your "secrets" and spread the tags to your blogging friends. Sami xx

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I just finished reading most of your blog, I love an adventure. I love watching this show on HGTV called house hunters international, it is so interesting to see how people around the world live. Thank you for taking me on a fun and interesting ride!


Naturally Me Creations said...

It's interesting reading your "adventures" here in a new country! :)

Btw, i think that's an ordinary honey bee (nice photo btw!), the orange on the hind legs is actually pollen that it's collected from the flowers. :)