Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: 1.

So one of the blogs I like to read is called The Daybook. She’s all about style and has a fun way of writing. She does Awkward and Awesome Thursdays, and I thought I’d play along too.

So the premise is pretty simple- just write about things that embarrassed or annoyed you or things that made you smile. I’ll also be posting awkward (or awesome) pictures or pictures of awkward (or awesome) things in these posts.

Blurry picture of Table Mountain. Hurts your eyes doesn't it?
  • It’s awkward that I don’t know how to spell Awkward. Seriously two out of the three times that I just spelled it, I spelled it wrong. Thank goodness for spell check!
  • Forgetting to bring my movie rental with me when I left for the day and having to rush home to get it to turn it in on time, getting distracted, and still turning it in late!
  • Streetsellers/panhandlers that are so aggressive- they’ll even knock on your window when you’re pretending to ignore them. I literally had to put my hand up and say loudly “stop” to get a guy to stop harassing me.
  • Eating chocolate with the hubby- we both agreed that it “tasted weird” but kept eating it.
  • Trying to ignore the smell of incontinence while volunteering with old ladies. Good times!
  • Seeing my landlord shirtless and in his swim trunks cannonball into the pool every day.
  • I smelled dog poo all day and kept checking shoes to see if we stepped on it. Nope. Then I noticed a nice little pile behind our couch. This is the first time Reeses has pooed inside since we’ve been here…
Another blurry picture: khayelitsha.

  • I had little appointments every day this week. Yay for feeling a little busier!
  • I learned that the SA equivalent to “crossing yourfingers” is to “hold your thumb.”
  • Talking with an American here in SA for over two hours. The conversation flowed so easily.
  • Finding some cheap new tools for my beading. It will make life much easier!
  • Working with the same "old ladies" and helping them create something they are proud of.
  • How excited a friend was to get a postcard from me. Don’t worry- if I have your address, you might be getting one sometime soon. If I don’t have your address, e-mail me it and I will get one to you!
  • We finally set up a patio table inside our house for dining purposes. The hubby is happy because he has not spilled anything on himself since then! Hah!
  • Lovemaking in the middle of a sleepless night. Enough Said!

I have no clue why I took this picture. It's the stamp from Mzoli's.

So…that was kinda an awkward post- but I had fun doing it. I think I’ll do it every once in a while.

Song of the post: The World Should Revolve Around Me by Little Jackie

Don’t you just feel this way sometimes?! Maybe its because I’m an only child…

I first heard this song on Mercy (a TV show cancelled after one season on NBC).


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

These made me laugh!It's amazing how many awkward moments we can have in a day!

PS I'm not sure if they still sell Bunny Chow in SA, it was very popular around the apartheid period. If you do find some do let me know!

Peggy said...

Oh my goodness what a great post! I can't stop laughing! The weird Chocolate taste and the smell of urine. OMG! I worked at a nursing home when I was 19. I remember!

Laina @ Vibrant Serenity said...

I love Syndey's awkward and awesome posts! I think you did a pretty good job with your version!

Kathryn said...

found you from the blog hop and am now following you. would love a follow back.

Melissa Sugar said...

The awkward and awesome post sounds like fun. I will check it out.

Hi, I am visiting from the pay it forward blogfest. It is nice to meet you.