Sunday, October 30, 2011

Highs and Low for the week of 24/10/11.

I was always short...
  • No Halloween for us. It is somewhat celebrated here in SA, but not much. There are people who throw costume parties though. And I’ve heard that trick or treating really only happens in a gated community, where people feel safer. 
This is like a Bob's Big Boy costume, right?
  • I caused a car accident on Friday. I’m okay. But three cars aren’t. I feel so bad for the owner of the car I was driving, and of the other two. My pride is severely injured- I am a good driver (everyone thinksthat about themselves), but we knew that since I do most of the driving, I would be the one most likely to be in an accident. We’ll see how it plays out. We of course will pay what we need to, but it could put us into dire financial straits. Here’s hoping for the best!

  • I finally felt truly alone here. Before the accident, I’d had a bad day, (fight with hubby and then kept waiting a long time for someone) and didn’t have anyone to “vent” to because all my American friends were asleep and I don’t have close friends here that I can talk to (or maybe I do...). Then after the accident, I couldn’t reach my hubby and I had no clue what to do! It was really hard to keep it together!

  • On Saturday, we had to go file an accident report at the Police Station that the accident was nearest to. The woman who worked with us was helpful and filled out parts of the report that we didn’t understand. That’s not the low. The low was that a man walked in, frantic because his bank account had been emptied. He had spent 3 hours at the bank the day before and they had sent him to the police to file a report and bring it back to them. The front desk staff were completely rude to him, treating him with suspicion and trying to catch him with his own words. They even spoke about him in another language to each other (I’m guessing it was Xhosa). He left without a report filed. Poor guy, he was so desperate. I hope it gets resolved. We were shocked at the treatment he got, and so thankful we got through the experience unscathed!


  • I’m safe and unhurt from the accident. 
  • I bought a full bedlah costume from my teacher, for a very good price. She bought it in Turkey. It is silver. I love silver. It came with a bra, a belt, a 4 panel skirt, a veil, two wrist bands, and a head band.
The bra top.

Fringe, glorious fringe!
  • I performed twice this weekend, the first since June. One was at a Waldorf school and the other at the International Oriental Dance Festival. It was different since I had a real costume. I felt more “legit.” It was a nice feeling.
My hip belt.
  • I went to Kamers vol geskenke craft show, and loved it. I will post about it and lots of pictures next week.

  • And I have a hubby that “wuvs” me, no matter what!

I hope you had a good week!

Song of the Post: Killing Me Softly as sung by Afro Blue. My friend is on the NBC Show The Sing Off and their group is doing great!!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness, this sounds like a horrid week! Glad you are OK! It sounds like worst is not being at home and not being able to get a hold of friends and family. Hope it all turns out oK!


Peggy said...

Oh my goodness! Sorry to hear about your accident. I can't imagine how freaked out your were. Thank God you are ok and no one was injured! You do have to count the good things because things could always be worse.

Sami said...

Sorry about your accident, glad you weren´t hurt. I know the feeling, last year, I had a small accident that just affect my car, the car skidded on oil in the road and the road was wet with the first rains, I went off the road into a ditch. When I got out a few people were around me wanting to know if I was ok, and I kept on asking them - what do I do now? Eventually I called my husband who was working away, so I felt quite lonely and lost too.
Love your belly dancing outfit. Keep well xx

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I'm so glad that you're okay! I don't know how to drive and I'm not sure if I'll ever learn! Your belly dancing outfit is gorgeous! Take care!

Miss E said...

I hate hate hate the lows, why can't we have only highs? I'm glad you got past that week ok. Chin up and count your blessings. I'm all the way up in Gaborone, but if you need to talk you can sms, fb, email, or even call. I'll send details via email.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

What a bad day. It must be very lonely.

Sarah Z said...

Hey girly! Just wanted to say hi and hoping everything's going better! Love the belly dancing outfit, so fancy:) Love ya!

Lia said...

glad you're okay and sorry you had the stress of being involved in a accident. Yay! for you having a spouse who loves you unconditionally. Your bedlah sounds awesome. will you post pics of you performing in it? the pics of you as a kid on Halloween are CUTE!