Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Things You Didn’t (need to) Know About Me.

This a a meme that has been floating around and Sami has tapped me to be the next in  line!

So here goes....

1.   I’m a very weird perfectionist. Only certain tasks bring it out in me. Housework is not one of them. Making crafts is hard for me, sometimes even to start, because I hate wasting my time, and if it does not come out well, I’m disappointed. I’m learning how to “just do it” and remember that it is from our mistakes that we often learn the most.

2.   My favourite candy bar in the USA is Reeses, then Snickers; here in SA, it is Cadbury’s Top Deck (white and milk chocolate).

3.   I have hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid) and have been taking daily medication since I was 14 years old.

4.    I have only started to eat cauliflower since moving to SA.

5.   I collect old campaign pins, mostly presidential, from the USA. Here are some examples (not my collection).


6.   I have trouble making friends because I can be shy and tend to feel awkward due to social anxiety. I’m pretty good at hiding it though. Mostly people think that I’m “quiet.”

7.   I love silver toned jewelry (silver, white gold, platinum) and almost gag when I think of wearing gold. But then sometimes, I try gold on, and I have second thoughts- it’s not so bad sometimes, I guess.

8.   I never wear skirts or dresses, or high heels. I think I have worn a dress by choice only once this year so far, for our anniversary. I did wear a skirt for belly dance performances (you kind of have to…).
Mijo getting older. He's so gray!

9.   My first dog’s name was Mijo, Spanish for “little boy.” I really miss him. He was such a rascal.

I really liked him. As you can see, I also like cutting my own hair!

10.    I have had a secret dream of having my own café one day, like Bentley’s, where I can have “open mic nights” where up and coming artists can share their songs. Then, as we’re closing, have my friends come and have a “jam session” of our own. It seems lovely.

If you feel like doing this, go ahead! Please let me know if you do. It’s hard, but almost fun to think up these 10 things.

Song of the Post: Nobody Knows Me At All by The Weepies. They are one of my favorite bands.


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

What a lovely way for new followers to get to know you! I'm not a fan of cauliflower either!

Sami said...

Thanks for participating. I love "Cadbury´s Top Deck" too, haven´t found it in Australia though.
The only way I will eat cauliflower is "Au gratin".