Sunday, June 5, 2011

Highs and Lows for the week of 29/05/11.


1. I got to attend a Hafla party and saw some incredible belly dancing; I performed and only made a few mistakes! (haha)
She is well-known in Cape Town.

 2. Got to participate in an all-day Belly Dance workshop on Saturday, taught by Danisa of Argentina. It was a long day, but she is excellent and I learned how to properly do an Egyptian shimmy! (See number 3 in the Lows.)

A dancer at the Hafla Party.

3. We learned that we can apply for our permanent residency visa this month. (See number 2 in the Lows.)

4. I finally got to talk to a few people close to my own age (many people at the gym- my only social outlet- are older women…I gotta figure something else out!)

5. My husband finally made a doctor’s appointment for himself- after a month of reminding him! (you can lead a horse to water…)

6. I knitted a scarf (see the last post) and am already thinking about what I’m going to make tomorrow!

Danisa dancing a beledi dance.


1. Found out my father-in-law was in the hospital- days after he was admitted. Family decided not to tell us because they didn’t want to worry us. So not cool. What if it had been his last days and my husband never got to speak to his father again?! Whether we are across the country or across the world, we deserve to know things as soon as possible. (I don’t say this to be mean, but only to express my frustration and my protectiveness of my husband.)

2. We get to scramble around quickly to re-submit the same paperwork we did before for our permanent residency. Unfortunately it all has to be hand written. Also, all the letters of recommendations we got for the visas need to be re-sent- from the USA!

3. The all-day workshop meant that I was barefoot, dancing all day. My footsies are so sore right now! 

Natasha, my teacher! She did a dance with a candelabra on her head!

Danisa at the Hafla party.

4. I rolled my foot in Zumba on Thursday, and it still hurts a little. Luckily it did not bother me at the dance workshop.

5. I felt a sharp pinch in my hip twice this week. The all-day dancing has aggravated it, so I am taking a few days off from the gym (for it and my ankle).

Conclusion: Yay for fun times this week! Boo for being kept out of the loop.

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Song of the week (one of my father-in-law’s favorite songs): Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. 


Eliza said...

Belly dancing - how fun!! Sorry to hear about your father-in-law and hope he is better soon! Miss you!

Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

Belly dancing? Consider me jealous! I always loved the beauty of belly dance. I'm sorry to hear about your father in law, I can see his side, but I agree, if something would have happened it would have been a little late for you to find out. Thanks for linking up!

Julie said...

Ok, belly dancing sounds totally awesome! Sorry about the paperwork and rolling your ankle/foot. Most of all about not being told about your FIL. That is very insensitive to your needs and wants. I understand them beig concerned and not wanting you to worry, but still. Just know that what is ment to work out in the end will work out.

Jen Leeflang said...

Hi -
I was at the Durban Hafla after the Danisa workshops - isn't she fabulous!
Love Jen (Durban)

sascedar said...

that belly dancing looks like a hoot!

MultipleMum said...

I wanted to see you in your belly dancing garb!? Thanks for Rewinding x

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Love the idea of highs and lows - every week has them, doesn't it? The belly dancing looks like fab fun!

Visiting from the Rewind.