Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monthaversary Three: A mishmash of thoughts.

Hmm, let’s see what has been going on for the last month. I’ve gone to the gym so much, it is definitely part of my routine. I usually start at 9:30 for a cardio class, and then stay for the next one, then spend some time weight lifting and then stretching. It does vary though, but it is at minimum an hour a day. I have hurt my knee a little bit, I think due to moving incorrectly in Zumba. I don’t feel it every time I move, just when I squat or lunge (two moves I hate anyways!). I have been giving it rest, but every once in a while, I still feel a twinge. I keep going back and forth about going to the doctor- what do you think?  

Camps Bay view from Lion's Head.

We bought new Polar hart rate monitors (mine is the FT7 and P’s is the FT80) to help us get points on our Discovery Vitality membership. The points add up to 20 percent off (or more) airfare on certain airlines, so we are very motivated. Going to the gym gets us points, using the heart rate monitor gets us points, buying healthy groceries, and having certain preventative doctor check-ups all add up to more points!
The Eye at night.

We got our things. Mostly a good thing, but I’ve already found items that got packed that should have stayed in Arizona. Luckily I can fit them in suitcases when we come back for visits. We really have only unpacked our clothing and our electronics because of potentially moving any time between now and August 15th. I still have too many clothes. It’s hard when you’re someone like me, thinking that the shirt has sentimental value/memories or has “ideas about how I can re-fashion it,” to give clothes away; it is also hard not to want pretty new things that you see in the store. Really, I’m not trying to impress anyone but my husband. So, I don’t think I’ll be buying much clothing for a while unless something vital is needed. P unpacked all of his work-related books into his work office. Anything that I need, I can pull out of a box and put back. Most of our camping stuff were not in boxes, but wrapped in heavy brown paper (which the movers took) so all of that stuff is out in the open. 
Brown packing paper. Etta is in the background.

We as still looking for a house or flat to live in. After coming home from seeing the one I wrote about here, we decided that it was not exactly right for us. Plus, the owners never called us. We just looked at a house on Sunday that was rent-to-own, so I was really excited to see it. It was kinda far, but was across from a golf course- it was so peaceful with the birds chirping and such. Parts of it definitely needed fixing-up, but it had a huge work shop space for P, or it could be converted into a granny flat. The realtor showing it basically told us that (if she were us) we should wait a while and then decide if we wanted to buy a house here. I was a bit surprised that she was trying to get us to wait. Oh well. It is good advice. But the peacefulness; so different from where we live now. There is so much traffic on our little residential street!

Reeses' tongue.

How has your month been?
We miss you all!!

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Anonymous said...

Bah...I just got home from working a double at the hospital. You are so lucky that you don't have to work all of the time right now. I'm jealous. :-) I am still reading your blog every few days, and I want to post more comments, but work has just been so busy lately. I'm going to try to go get a little bit of sleep now before I have to be back for probably another double. (One of our pharmacists is out on jury duty and actually selected for a trial, so we all have to work extra in her absence.) I would like to try to find a time to talk to you on the phone soon, though. Jeff and I are planning a trip to Capetown and SA for sometime in late spring/summer of 2012, and we want to know when would be a good time for you guys! :-)
Miss ya,
Kristi :-)