Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chapman's Peak Drive and Hout Bay.

On our way home from our trip to The Cape of Good Hope, we drove through Kommetjie and drove on Chapman’s Peak drive. People kept telling us that we needed to drive it, but never told us why. It is pretty amazing. It is a narrow winding road very close to the ocean, on the side of a mountain. In some parts, they carved out a kind of ‘half-cave’ for the cars to drive in. I would never have driven on this road as a teenager and young adult- not, I'm more brave, and wold be able to handle it (but my husband was driving this day).

The road is so narrow- I can't believe this cyclist feels safe!
The 'half cave'. (Is there a real name for this?)

Then just before we got to Hout Bay, we got to see the best sunset that we have experienced here.  It was magnificent with the ocean and the mountains.

Sunset yellow.

Hout Bay at sunset. Lovely.

My sweetheart!

How are you doing today? Have you gotten your body moving?
I’ve gone to the gym for eight days straight. I feel great! We got now Polar Heart Rate monitors, and because I’m a nerd, I find it pretty neat to be able to track my progress with so much data!

Song of the day: Sunset by Jamestown Story. I just discovered this song today, and I like it! It's not really a video, but you can listen to the song.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the road and sunset! And the song is really cute too:) Miss ya!

Eliza said...

Gorgeous pictures! And that's pretty inspiring to go to the gym 8 days in a row. I think my max is like 2 days in a row. :)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Wow - that drive looks amazing. I'd be terrified. I still don't love driving. And on that road I'd be SO stressed. But the pics are worth it!

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.