Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Brass Bell.

A few weeks ago we went to The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay and had a lovely afternoon. There is construction on Main Road, so traffic was “bumper to bumper”. We decided to get a parking spot as soon as we saw one so that we wouldn’t have problems. Well, we had no clue to we would have to walk almost a mile to get to our restaurant! Oh well- it was a nice jaunt on the sidewalk that skirts the beach, when we didn't have to jump over electrical wires and walk on gravel!

View of Kalk Bay, and father, Simon's Town.
This was the second time we had gone to The Brass Bell's The Cabin Bistro. The restaurant actually has four different dining rooms with different menus and ambiance. The Bistro usually has seating and you don’t need a reservation. The Main Restaurant, The Water’s Edge, and The Bikini Deck always look packed. We appreciate the Bistro because it is small and intimate; the others look crowded and loud. We’ll have to make reservations to try the others. The waitress told me that at 3:00 p.m. the Bistro changes its menu to the Main Restaurant’s, so you can get the same culinary experience.

The Brass Bell. Image source.
We arrived hoping that we could again have their amazing salmon tartare and fresh seafood basket. Unfortunately, they had changed their menu, so we settled for a Greek plate with feta, olives, dolmades, fried aubergine, pita bread, and fried cheese called halloumi; and also a sautéed prawn dish. They were both good (not as good as what we were hoping to eat!). 

View from our table.
Looking out towards the bay.

In my special way, I managed to get us free dessert, which was AMAZING! It was a vanilla bean crème brulee with a cloud of spun sugar on top, dribbles of a vanilla/marmalade (I think it was this) sauce, and a shot glass full of a vanilla bean shake! Scrumptious! 

Yum. Forgot to take the picture before eating, so this is half-way through. :)

Then we walked around and debated about buying stuff from the street vendors. Their hand-made art is actually fairly expensive, so we decided to wait.

A yummy and lovely afternoon!

Song of the day:
What a day for a Daydream by The Lovin' Spoonful. It can be viewed here. The video is very clear!


Kathy said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Friday's blog hop. I read a bit of your previous posts. Happy Anniversary...a little bit late. Beautiful wedding bouquet, by the way!

rarejule said...

Beautiful and scrumptious - all in one post!
Following along from Follow Me Friday on the momroad.