Monday, May 9, 2011

2: A day in the life; AKA Our Stuff is Here!

We learned on Friday that our things had arrived and were given either Monday or Friday as options for delivery. The hubs and I went back and forth about which day was best to have it done. While on the phone to confirm for Friday, he jokingly said “or tomorrow...” They looked up the availability and called back saying they could be here Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

9:28 a.m.- We got a call from the delivery team saying that they’d be here at 10:00 or 10:15!  We quickly dress, plan where the boxes will go, and park the car outside of the driveway.

11:00 a.m.- We try to call the number that had called us at 9:28; no answer. I start to wonder if they’ve been hijacked and that we will never see our stuff.

They're here!
11:30 a.m.- They finally arrive. We split where the boxes go to either the extra bedroom, the dining room, or the lounge. They have trouble opening the boxes and are kinda silly. 
Unloading the first container. Devil's Peak in the background.

Being silly! Can you see that the guy with the hat on only has half a pinkie on his left hand?
12:30 p.m.- They are done and gone. It was so much better that the delivery was today- there would have been tons of traffic and no parking if we had done it during the week! We started sorting out the electronics first- the television, desktop computer, etc.; and then decided we needed some hardware to make it all work.

1:30 p.m.- We go to Canal Walk and buy something different than what we thought we needed, but it was much cheaper. We had lunch at KFC again- no “zinger”mishaps this time. Phew!

4:30 p.m.- We come back home and P spends time getting frustrated by wires, but was ultimately successful! He is always so good at setting things up. 

6:30 p.m.- Dinner at Primi Piatti; I have a California pizza and he has a curry/red sauce fusion pasta.

7:30 p.m. – We go to see the movie Unknown. P left it saying “Who knew Liam Neeson could be such a bad ass?!”

And Today:
We sorted out all the books he’d packed for his office at work and we drove them over.

I practiced my belly dance routine. Did I mention I’m in a performance on the 14th?

Then we spent several hours opening boxes of clothes and trying to organize them in the BICs (built in cupboards). P was done much sooner than I was because I kept trying on clothes. I’m such a girl sometimes! 
The boxes in the spare bedroom. Mostly clothes, crafty stuff, and camping gear.

We ate leftovers from Primi and then had a braai- grilled steak and corn! Yummy.

We watched the end of West Wing Season Two; I ironed while watching (all our clothes are wrinkly!).

We also watched the movie The Switch. We both liked it.

Then we called some of the mothers in our lives to wish them:
Happy Mother’s Day!

Song of the days: Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison. 
The video comes from a charity event and Ringo Starr, Elton John, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and a few others play with him.

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Yvette said...

Yay, your stuff is finally there. I do not think that I could have survived that long without all of my stuff. Seems as things are looking up.