Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Design Indaba: Part II.

Here is my photographic review of Cape Town’s 2012 Design Indaba. You can find Part One here. To review,  Indaba means “important conference” in Zulu and Xhosa cultures. 

It was a wonderful collection of art, fashion design, furniture design, jewelry, ceramics, fiber arts, and food from the Neighborgoods Market

I forgot to bring a camera, so I used my cell phone camera. So these pics are not the “best.”
For lunch I had a New York Style bagel (onion with plain cream cheese) that was heavenly. Then, I indulged and got a peanut butter ice cream cone from The Creamery. It was amazing. There is nothing in SA that is made from peanut butter, so it was Heavenly, with a capitol H.

Beaded Africa!

Beaded Safety Pin artwork!

"The Green Suit" made entirely of beads.

Love Lolla!

Fun hand-made parasols.
A bench made from Magazines.

Hand made teddy bears with fine embroidery.

Some of the vendors I liked were Unwrapped, which gave out small samples of their fabric (I’m gonna use it on something soon!), Quazi Design that made earrings out of magazines, To Be pram shoes for babies, and Love Lolla, who I’ve mentioned before. You should follow her on pinterest- she has great style!

I loved these bears peeking out!

Doggie Beds made from recycled water bottles!

ABSA Bank had an art exhibit with these odd figurines that different people disgned. There was also a large one for Indaba visitors to write on.

All the artist information were on those hospital tags.

Those were real animal ears on it.


She was my favorite. Such intricate painting!

The huge figure that people could write on.


 I hope you enjoyed the journey!

Make sure to check out Part One here!

Song of the Post: Careful by Guster.


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