Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winners of the Handmade Beaded Earring Giveaway.

Hi there! So I got such a great turnout for my second giveaway that I just had to have TWO winners! 

The winners of the handmade beaded earring giveaway are Cami of First Day of My Life and Gina of A Bit of This and That! They both have great blogs and you should check them out!

I will be working on the earrings in the next week, using the colors light pink, sky blue, lime green (that matches a nice bright pink) for Cami and black, grey, white and red for Gina (colors that suspiscoulsy match her blog design!).

As for a brief update on me, I’m just getting over a horrible stomach bug. I’d feel fine during the day, but then had horrible tummy aches for half the night. Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep because I was in so much pain. I finally threw up the water I’d been drinking, which helped a little bit. Today, I have a head ache and mild tummy discomfort. I’m so lucky to have a hubby that takes care of me like he does. At least when he is awake- last night, he’d wake to my sounds of discomfort, say something, then fall back asleep. I can’t blame him though. Today, I missed out on a belly dance performance that I’d been looking forward to in Hout Bay because I am exhausted and my tummy is sore. There is one next weekend in Stellenbosch, which I’m hoping to perform in.

Also, I wanted to share this cute video of a “middle-class” dog’s life in Cape Town. The video is sped up and shaky at times, so if you get queasy, beware. But it is a fun viewpoint to see.

Johnny Neon 'Hearts' from Dave Meinert on Vimeo.

Song of the Post: Rapture by iiO (pronounced "eye-oh").


Gina said...

Oh wow! Thank you soooooo much!!! So excited!

Cami said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!! I'm so excited :) I just bought a blanket last night with the colors on it..heehee ;)

I think they're great spring/summer colors...reminds me of watermelon!! THANK YOU!! :) I'm excited.

I hope you start feeling better VERY VERY soon <3

Blairadise said...

So sad I missed your giveaway. Your earrings are gorgeous!!