Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Design Indaba: Part I.

Today, I went to the 2012 Design Indaba in Cape Town.

Indaba means “important conference” in Zulu and Xhosa cultures.

It was a wonderful collection of art, fashion design, furniture design, jewelry, ceramics, fiber arts, and food from the Neighborgoods Market. The tickets were R60 (about $7.98), but I was given a guest pass and got in free. It was fairly crowded for the last day, but I was fine with it. If he had gone, my hubby would have been so irritated though!

I had been looking forward to this and planned to bring my camera, but woke up late and forgot to grab it. I had my cell phone camera, so please bear with me and look past some of the blurriness!  I really wanted to showcase some of the items on display and share them with you!

After going through all the pictures, I’m going to have to split them into two posts.

Beaded Lamp.

Paper Birds.

Beautifully tuned coffee table. The glass is above.

Star shape created from thread and bobbins.
Skeleton with curlers from the Scar booth.

Blurry, but I love this Mutant!

"Scale Dress."

Mexican art in Cape Town.
This is a ceramic candle holder. Looks like those yarn and glue bowls!

Baby print- reminiscent of buiscuts (cookies) in SA.

Protea prints.

Beaded necklace and beaded picture frame.
Flower necklace.

Sterling silver- I love the mini bus taxi!

Beaded bags.
Zipper purse.

Come back in a few days to be inspired by Part Two here!

Song of the Post: One Thing by Finger Eleven. His voice...

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Alyx said...

Ooh, that dress is SO COOL!!
And to answer your question about the trash cans... no! I haven't seen that, at least. They're just weird and wash their trash before it goes into the cans. ;)