Friday, November 4, 2011

Kamers vol geskenke, Part II.

This post is Part Two of my time at the Kamers vol geskenke art/craft fair in Somerset West; make sure to check out Part One so that you don't miss anything!

Here are more pictures for you to be inspired by and drool over...


Africa of beads, I think they used glue on canvas as the base.

Protea of beads

I've never seen soap packaged this way.

This tent sold the items for the sellers (kind of like a consignment shop).

Loved the shape. Reminds me of toucans for some reason.

Paper covered body shape.

These are just darling! Each one is different.

Their eyes are so lively.

Colorful belts.

These prints are gorgeous. Love how they pillows with the designs.

Hand printed fabric. Such a "country" feel.

Love this bunting. Doxies rule!

Printed satchels. I love bags like this.

Chandelier made with wooden beads. So whimsical!

I want this baby doll bed! I've seen a few around...

Cardboard play oven.

Cardboard rocket ship. So fun to personalize!

Love Lolla stall.

They have an online etsy shop here and can be found at The Fringe Arts too.

Love the muted SA flag pillow!

I've seen some of this sellers' work at The Fringe Arts and at The Old Biscuit Mill.

Love these carved spoons! Sorry for the bad picture.

Fun, big felted balls. The seller sternly told me not to take an more pictures of their booth.

Beautiful King Proteas.

The view of all the tents. I love mountains!

 The End! 

I hope to go next year! 

And if you're in the Jo'burg area, try to go becasue there is one occuring at the The Open Window School of Visual Communication in Irene. Dates and times are November 29 – December 3, 2011, 9am to 6pm. The opening night is  November 28th, 5-8 pm.  And no, they are not paying me to say that!

Song of the post: Janet Jackson medley as sung by Afro Blue. My friend is on the NBC show The Sing Off and the group is progressing well! Janet Jackson is performing in South Africa this month. I’m hoping to win free tickets from I’m holding my thumbs (AKA crossing my fingers)!


Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti said...

I'm in heaven, now if only I could have been there! Just checked out the Etsy shop, I think I'll be getting some goodies from there! Thanks for sharing :)

Sami said...

Very talented crafters! I love the idea of the soaps in jars, I have made home-made soaps, I might get smaller jars and put a few in each to give as Christmas presents.

Miss E said...

Wow, that looks like a good time, lots of inspiration too! But Lord knows I'm more of a look and enjoy type more than a do type...I've come to believe that deep down I'm an art person more than a scientist, but I suppose I'm also too lazy to actually make stuff...I'm proud of my cakes though!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

You know I love that bag with the bike on it!

So sorry about the postcard-blog credit. I was getting ready to leave and could not find your blog addy anywhere.

I'm back in the states, so I'm getting back on schedule with blogging. Hope you're doing well - and i love those beaded rings too. I wonder if they're comfy though.....


Briana Richardson said...

What some fun treasures! I'm now following you back!
Briana @