Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Short Fingerless Gloves.

First 3 rows.
Hey there! As I mentioned in my post here, I had decided to make my husband a pair of my Ribbed Fingerless Gloves. When working with him for the fit, I realized that the glove would not fit over his huge men’s watch. I decided to create a pattern that was shorter than my last one was, to accommodate his watch. He helped pick the yarn color (“olive drab”)  and with the sizing as I progressed.

So here is my pattern for:

Short Fingerless Gloves


Size 7 knitting needles
Gauge: 5 sts/inch (with ribbing), 7 rows/1 inch
Yarn needle to weave in loose ends
Synthetic yarn, low pill, of your choice; 100g, or 185 yds will make several sets.
Finished Size: 5 inches stitches long, 7 inches around

Using the long-tail cast on, cast-on 40 stitches.
Row 1-3: Knit a rib pattern by following K1,P1, ending on a P1.
Odd Row 3-13: Knit a larger rib pattern, K2, P2, ending on a P2.
Even Rows 4-12: P2, K2, ending on a P2.
Row 14: Bind off 6 stitches (for the base of the thumb hole; use a 7th stitch in the cast-off to have 6 completely done). P2, K2 to end of row, ending on a P2.
Row 15: K2, P2 to end of row.
Row 16: P2, K2 to end of row.
Row 17: K2, P2 to end of row; cast on one stitch.
Row 18: K1; P2, K2 to end of row.
Row 19: K2, P2 to end of row; cast on one stitch.
Row 20: K2, P2 to end of row.
Row 21: K2, P2 to end of row; cast on one stitch.
Row 22: P1; K2, P2 to end of row.
Row 23: K2, P2 to end of row; cast on one stitch.
Row 24: P2, K2 to end of row.
Row 25: K2, P2 to end of row; cast on two stitches.
Row 26-29: K2, P2, ending on a P2.
Row 30-32: K1, P1 to end of row.
Bind off in pattern.

Don't worry if it looks like this!
Just stretch it out (block it if you want).

Use the beginning long tail and the ending cast off strings to sew up the small gap near the knuckles and the wrist to thumb. You can choose which side you like best because these gloves are completely reversible and interchangeable between hands!

 These gloves ended up being just under 2 inches from hem to base of thumb, it is a little over 6 inches wide.  Remember that the ribbing stretches wider, pulling the height up, so err on the longer side than the shorter. 

I tried them on too! A little big.

My husband modeling them!

I hope you use this pattern! If you do, send my pictures!! 

Song of the post: Fidelity by Regina Spektor. You can watch the video here.  I’ve liked this song for years now, but I just saw “Love and Other Drugs” and it was the last song in the movie!

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