Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Got Your Back.

I was talking to someone yesterday and I spontaneously came up with a list that describes my optimal partner- my husband:

  1. He must be smart (in most areas!)
  2. Someone I can be proud of
  3. Someone who I don’t mind representing me in the world
  4. Someone who I know has my back at all times

P has met these four basic needs and that I why I couldn’t stay away from him, even when I told him “let’s just be friends” so long ago. I am as secure in our life as I can be in a world of uncertainty. His qualities are what allow me to relax, because I know he will pick up the slack when I need help.

On our first wedding anniversary.

What is your list?
What are your requirements? Please post comments- I’d love to hear yours!!!!
I hope you’re with someone who fills them all!
And if they’re not being met, why are you with this person?

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Song of the post: Got Your Back by Matt the Electrician. This song was in a commercial in the USA- we loved it!


Eliza said...

I miss you! You guys looks so cute! Okay here is my list:

1) Someone who shares my sense of humor.
2) Someone who is kind.
3) Someone who is always there for me.
4) Someone who likes to relax.

Anonymous said...

haha - my husband told me we should 'just be friends' back in the day too - but I guess I met his requirements just as well as he met mine, since we ended up together anyways! Mine is something like:

1. Always there for me
2. Smart
3. Similar interests and priorities
4. Strong in areas I'm weak - like being able to stop stressing out, sit back, and relax!

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up with your blogs... Seems like you've been keeping yourself busy! Just wanted to say that you two are super cute in this pic. Miss you guys!
Sarah Z.