Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ribbed Fingerless Gloves.

I was excited to start another knitting project after making the red scarf. Since it is winter here in South Africa, I have thought about making a hat, but after typing up blog posts, it was my hands that really needed the warmth. Because I still do not have much experience with knitting, so I looked for the easiest patterns for finger less gloves. Fingerless because they’re easier to type with!

The original pattern- didn't work for me.
I made multiple starts, and finished one glove with this pattern. However, when I completed the glove and tried to sew it up, I couldn’t figure out how the spacing worked for the thumb to fit freely. 

I decided to figure out the problem, and in a roundabout way made my own pattern!

So here is the pattern for my “Ribbed Fingerless Gloves
Long tail cast on of 38 stitches.
I have dainty hands so this pattern is for very small hands. It is easily enlarged by casting on a few more stitches or adding a few more rows in the wrist area or finger area.

Size 7 knitting needles
Gauge: 4 sts/inch, 5 rows/1 inch over stockinette
Yarn needle to weave in loose ends
Cotton yarn ( I'm sorry I don't know how much, but I'm sure on    skein will do just fine)
Finished Size: 6 inches by 7 inches (approx.)

Using the long-tail cast on (I’m now using this always because the stitches match the bind off quite nicely on the other end), cast-on 38 stitches.

Row 1: Knit a rib pattern by following K2,P2, ending on a P2. 

Beginning the ribbing pattern.
Row 2: P2, K2, ending on a K2,

Complete this ribbing pattern until your cuff (until the base of your thumb is as long as you want). These gloves ended up being approximately 3.5 to 3.75 from hem to base of thumb, it is approximately 6 inches wide. Remember that the ribbing stretches wider, pulling the height up, so err on the longer side than the shorter. 
3.5-3.75 from hem to base of thumb.
On this row, cast off four stitches in the pattern (either K2, P2, or P2, K2, depending on what you ended with). You actually have to use a fifth stitch (keep it on the needle) in the cast-off to have four completely done (trust me), with 34 stitches on the needles.

Cast-off of 4 stitches.
Repeat pattern for the next 7 rows; when done with the 7th row, cast on one stitch, flip your work and start the next row- and complete it and the next row. You can add more rows if you have longer hands.

When done with the row (you are where the cut out is), cast on one stitch, flip your work and start the next row- and complete it and the next row.

When done with the row (you are where the cut out is), cast on two stitches (back at 38 stitches), flip your work and start the next row- and complete it and the next.

Continue the ribbing pattern until you have the length you want for the fingers (mine is 2.5 inches from the original 4 cast-off stitches).

Total length of this pattern was 6 inches.

Casting on 2 stitches.
6 inches total.

Sewing the seams.
Completed ribbed fingerless gloves.

Use the beginning long tail and the ending cast off strings to sew up the small gap near the knuckles and the wrist to thumb. You can choose which side you like best because these gloves are completely reversible and interchangeable between hands!

Aside: For my husband’s man hands, I plan to make the cuff to thumb length at least 4-4.5 inches and I intend to cast off 6 stitches instead of 4 so that his thumb has more room to move. The thumb to finger length might have a few more rows added as well. I will post the pictures in the future.

I hope these instructions are clear. If you have any questions, please write a comment or e-mail me. 
I would love to see pictures if you ever make this!!

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Thanks for hopping over and commenting and linking to your blog! I'm glad I'll be able to pick up a few things from you on knitting! I'm taking classes next month so I'll have to refer back here often! Have a great day!!

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Carolyn said...

What a fantastic idea. They look great and easy to make, very warm for those cold, frosty mornings.

bigwords is... said...

What a fab skill to be able to knit. Those gloves are great! Nice to meet your blog x

MultipleMum said...

That is impressive. Your own pattern and everything! I am still knitting the scarf I started 100 years ago so have no hope of following your pattern but I think you did a great job! Thanks for Rewinding x

Unknown said...

Lovely simple patten - Thank you for sharing~