Sunday, November 27, 2011

Highs and Lows for the week of 21/11/11.

  •  Planning to go home!!

Our backyard, early 80's.

  • Successfully cooking most of a Thanksgiving meal. I’ve never worked with a whole chicken before, the fresh herbs from our garden made it delicious. The mashed potatoes were perfect and the favorite of several. Yellow sweet potatoes threw me for a quick one. And my marshmallows deflated after pulling my candied sweet potatoes out of the oven. My apple crisp turned out much better than the last one I made. Maybe because I followed a recipe! I’m actually pretty proud of myself…

Mashed potatoes and yellow sweet potatoes. Disintegrated marshmallows.

  • We got our December bonus- which is not really a bonus. They just save a part of our monthly paycheck,  totaling a full month’s pay, and give it to us in December, on top of our regular pay.

My two chickens. I wish the skin had gotten crispier!
  • We went shopping for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for people back home. We were fairly successful, but can’t buy really big, bulky, or expensive things.

  • Seeing months of volunteer work come to fruition. The “fete” that we had been creating various crafts to sell at, was on Saturday.  It was a fundraiser for their non-profit outreach program. They sold potted plants, papier mache pigs, beaded key chains, magnetized note pads for the fridge, Corn Flakes cookies, among other things.

    The thanksgiving feast!
  • Having an “oops” moment while cutting my husband’s hair. That should NEVER happen. I thought I had a comb on the clipper head, but I didn’t. OOPS. But we made it work. It’s reminiscent of a “high and tight.”
  • Feeling extra emotional this week.  I think it’s because of our impending trip home. It’s stressful for me to think of leaving my “fur babies” here, and I’m just so excited to go at the same time.
  • Getting a bug bite on my hand that I couldn’t stop scratching until I cut myself. Then, I must have had an allergic reaction to it because my lower lip puffed up for several hours. 

 I hope your week went as well as mine did!

Song of the Post: A Change is Gonna Come as sung by Afro Blue. They made it to the final four, but unfortunately they were eliminated. They will still perform tomorrow, Monday, on the finale with Smokey Robinson!!


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

You put out quite the spread, those birds are HUGE! Everything looks just perfect! How long will you be going home for?

Anonymous said...

Yummy, your chicken looked great. Sounds like you had a good dinner.