Sunday, July 10, 2011

Highs and Lows for the week of 3/7/11.

- We, as a married couple, got along amazingly well for moving and cleaning two homes.
- Our landlord seems really nice and laid back.
- Our dogs love the yard! In Tucson, Reeces loved playing outside.  Here, at our last rental, she always wanted to be inside with me for some reason. I think she hated the yard. At our new cottage, the yard is so full of adventure- she never wants to come inside. It’s nice to see her back to her old self.
- The new neighborhood is wonderful. Absolutely Lovely.

 And now...

- Three households share our yard. Not so bad, but…
- We share our yard with a 9 year old boy; I hate to call him ‘annoying,’ but he is. Every time we walk by his door, he has to say something to us! He is constantly trying to engage people in conversation, even when they are in the middle of something. He also tries to play with our dogs constantly, not letting them rest. He’s fed them ‘human food’ when we specifically told him to not feed our dogs. My dogs are like my kids, and I am very protective of them. The landlord told me that the kid has a ‘severe learning disability’ and I think that this is part of the problem. I will have to work on my patience just a little more. That will be a positive outcome, I guess!
My babies!!

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P.S.- I will post pictures of my new cottage and or the crochet project this coming week. Too busy to do it this week!

Song of the day: Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield.


Camilleta said...

I know how you feel, kids are so annoying when you have dogs! Now that I have a 2 year old and SHE is great with the dogs, I get even more annoyed at other peoples' kids. If my 2 year old can figure out not to tease and feed our dogs, why can't you, if you are a 7 year old boy?! The little boys next door come over into our yard and then their mom gets mad at me when our dogs jump on them and scratch them. They are playing with them and getting them excited on purpose, and sometimes teasing them with their snacks or giving them tidbits, and then they complain when they eat their food and jump on them! And seriously, it's on OUR part of the yard. -_- Sorry, rant over! I won't get into the teenagers that bark at our dogs for fun! (One day I'm going to kick their butts.) Hahah. By the way, your doggies are too cute!!! Schnauzer and Rottie mix?

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Lovely blog, I found you through the Friday hop, and wanted to say hello.

Does the little boy have siblings I wonder...? Kids can be a pest, but u seems he is screaming for attention.

ropcorn said...

Such cute dogs you have! And great that they love your new home with yard too. Hm, not easy with kids sometimes... Not sure I have any advice there. Hopefully he will loose interest in you eventually. :-)