Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cooking and Recipes: Part 2

Baking observations:

Baking "from scratch" is something I have yet to really master. Since moving here, I have come accross several obstacles...

Sopapillas (source)
I’m having to figure out new baking recipes because the traditional American ingredients do not exist here (or I don’t know where to find them!)

There is no shortening, only butter and oil.

There is no brown sugar as the USA sells it (white sugar with molasses), just treacle sugar and caramel sugar. Brown sugar is just “unrefined sugar” here. I’m not sure if they taste the same. I’ve looked for molasses and found it in one store- but it was a YEAR past it’s due date!

There are no graham crackers- and I have really wanted to make graham cracker crusts lately. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives. Oreos come in really small packages, so I'd have to buy a lot of them...

The butter isn’t sold in “sticks” as it often is in the USA, but in bigger blocks, so when a recipe calls for one stick of butter, I have to figure out how much that really is in milliliters.

Finally, I have only now realized that my oven is not working right, so I might not get to make these recipes any time soon. 

Emergency Chocolate Cake (source)

Creamy Caramel Sauce (source)

Cream Cheese Brownies (source)
Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar (source)

 Song of the Post: Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie by Jay and the Techniques.

 Please ignore the cheesy audience! And the track suit...


Iziko said...

With butter I reckon its easier to find out the weight of a "stick" and then just get a scale and measure from the big block. Molasses should be found in shops who stock organic foods, however Im not too sure as Ive never bought it myself. (A SA couple I used to know always had molasses in their house and they only ate organic food...)
I think brown sugar is the same as muscovado sugar.
Good luck with the cooking. I also found I had to learn to cook in a new way coming to SA and it was hard in the beginning but got used to it after a while. Now its the other way around, I cant find the SA ingredients in my village in Norway

Peggy said...

I can imagine it's hard to convert. But I know you can do it. Next thing you'll be posting recipes like crazy in metric and I'll be asking you to convert it for me.
When I lived in Spain I discovered that everything I wanted was there, just in strange places. Except marshmallows. Ha ha

Sami said...

You could try Provita or any other digestive biscuit to replace the Graham cracker. There used to be brown sugar (made from sugar cane) when I lived there, as I remember my mom making carrot syrup with brown sugar when we had coughs. Good luck with the baking xx

Live*Laugh*Love said...

Hey I am a new follower would love if you could follow me back thanks so much

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

That is so crazy! I love hearing about the differences in other countries. Your recipe links look fabulous!