Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wine Tasting at Spier Wine Estate.

Last month, we and a couple friends went to Spier Wine Estate for a wine tasting. It was the day of the Two Ocean’s Marathon and many roads in Cape Town were closed. It was also rainy, so we decided to get out of town and head towards Somerset West and Stellenbosch.

Click here for beautiful pictures of the time we rode Segways at Spier.

The huge chandelier made of wine bottles cut in half and glued together, the bottoms discarded.

Spier had really changed their wine tasting set-up since we had last been there. The main wine tasting area was in a new building, gorgeous with high ceilings, plush couches, and fireplaces. 

Our wine tasting menu.

The good stuff.

We perused the menu and made our selections. We also ordered a cheese plate to complement out tasting. It was superb. Unfortunately, we were too early to eat lunch, and I was sorely disappointed.

Three kinds of cheese, artisan crackers, and green fig (with something else I couldn't recognize). Yum.

After, we went on a short walk while it was sprinkling, to see the protea garden.
Not many were in bloom, but there were some beautiful examples of blooming flowers.

I don't know what kind of Protea this is.
The creek on the Spier Estate.

The King Protea- a few pictures of it's life cycle.

I just love Spier. I’d go there any day you asked me to!

Song of the Post:  A Good Start by Maria Taylor.



A Daft Scots Lass said...

WOW. Awesome Chandelier!

jenette said...

DSL has beat me to it! Again!!!! Miss Spier! LOVE that place!

Spier Wine Farm said...

Thanks for the lovely post! Fast fact about that chandelier: it was made from 334 recycled wine bottles, and weighs 370kg!
I've also shared your post on our Facebook page - make sure to come again when the Proteas are in bloom!
Kind regards,

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

How interesting about the Chandelier. I'm all for wine tasting ;)