Thursday, May 3, 2012

K-Day 2012: The Music.

So my favorite radio station here (which actually doesn’t play my favorite music) had been advertising for months about K-Day, their all-day music festival. The hubby and I had been debating about going for about a month, and had finally decided that we couldn’t afford to go (what with the cost of tickets, gas, and food). Bu then, the Monday before, I was listening to the radio and heard that they were giving away free tickets right near our house and I rushed over. I was the second to last person to get them! 

So then, of course we had to go, screw our budget!

Venue: Val de Vie is a polo and event estate out east of Cape Town. It has beautiful green playing fields. We got a bit of a later start than we had planned (due in part to our neighbor ranting at us and walking away without letting us talk), and we arrived in the area right at 1:00 p.m., when it was supposed to start. 

Our view.

This was a "water bar" and some of the proceeds went to charity.

Parking: Traffic was getting backed up, so a security car lead a long line of us to what we thought was another entrance. WRONG! We had to turn around and lost 20 minutes due to the idiotic parking situation. Once we did park, everything went pretty smoothly. Many people had already put down their blankets and pitched their umbrellas, but we were able to find a spot to the right of the stage, near a pathway.

The Parlotones' Kahn Morbee.
Up Close.
The large screen.
Food: Picnics were permitted, however alcohol was not. We were able to buy large cups of wine, so we were good to go. We ate most of our food, and were STILL hungry, so we did end up eating a plate of fried calamari to fill our tummies.

Elvis Blue.
Flash Republic.
Tamara Dey was so vibrant!!
Great graphics.
Music: One word- Incredible. Music acts that performed sets included The Parlotones (saw them at Kirstenbosch too), Prime Circle (great rock band!), Locnville (sexy twins) , Good Luck, Mi Casa, Elvis Blue (of SA Idols fame), The Arrows (great girl band- one is a drummer!), Flash Republic (fun), Loyiso (whose music I’ve featured before), and Danny K. They each played a short set, there’d be a short break, and the next group would perform. K-Day has a rule that you can’t have umbrellas up during performances, so they went up during breaks and down during shows.

Prime Circle's Ross Learmonth.

The big screen.

I was really excited to learn about many more South African Artists and experience a new part of the culture here. We didn’t think we’d stay all day, but we stayed until the very last act, Locnville.

This was the fundraiser song and many of the groups participated! It was really moving.

Locnville #1.
Locnville #2.

So Fun.

Keep tuned: I did a lot of people watching, so that next post will be about the people and clothing seen at K-Day!

Song of the Post: In The Name of Dance by Flash Republic.


Sami said...

Interesting day out and congratulations on getting the free tickets,that´s always a bonus!

Hayley said...

Oh cool to win tickets!

I love going to these types of concerts...the sister stations up here do them as well!
Awesome pics...and I adore Flash Republic!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I love events like this simple because of all the wonderful things you're exposed to. And this sounds like it was no exception :)