Monday, August 15, 2011

Highs and Lows for the week of 7/8/11.

He lives near our house.
  • I took a Beading Workshop and made a beautiful beaded cabochon. I can’t wait to go back next Friday, we will be making a beaded box. I’ll post pictures of my work soon.
  • Met someone my age! The bead artist it really cool.
  • Learned about some new places to shop. Said bead artist tried to give me the “low down”.
  • Discovered Makro. It’s like Sam’s Club kinda, but you can buy in bulk or single items. We finally found a spring loaded shower curtain rod! No other store sells them here- can you believe it?!
  • New Gym classes to change up my pattern.
  • Milnerton (Flea) Market. We went today and it was great entertainment. And we didn’t spend any money!
  • Got contacted by someone’s office for a meeting next Tuesday for potential volunteer work that will help my career.

Don't see this every day, thank goodness!

The beautiful Protea.

Sidewalk in our neighborhood.Have you ever done this?
  • Saw landlord giving our dogs his leftover food. Big no-no for us. We try to be very consistent with their diet. I’m not sure how to bring this up, but we have to talk to the landlord.
  • The other neighbors who share our common area back yard hang clothing to dry on the clothesline over our walk way so we have to duck or brush their things out of the way every time we use the path. Drives me BONKERS! I can’t believe they are so oblivious and/or inconsiderate. I’m thinking I should ask the landlord to talk to them? But I worry because I’m not sure how close they are to each other and he might be upset/defend them...
  • Wanted to go to Makro (for the 2nd time this week) and got shut down by the early Sunday closing hours AGAIN. So many stores close at 2, 3, or 5 p.m. on Sundays. Need that dinner ingredient at 6:00? You’re screwed! Sorry sucka, should have planned ahead.

  • Oh yeah…um… I realized that I turn 30 next month.

So, how was YOUR week?

Song of the post: Two of Us as sung by Amiee Mann (written by Paul McCartney). I couldn’t find a live version of her singing it, so here is a video from the movie it was featured in, I Am Sam.


Sami said...

Beading must be fun, one of the crafts I never tried and would like to try. I remember Makro from Johannesburg, at the time we needed to have a business to be able to shop there. Sunday shopping? Nothing like that in Perth, now we are lucky that supermarkets stay open till 9pm from Monday to Friday, until last year it was only until 5,30pm, but Sundays they are closed, only the city center has open shop policy. But you get used to it and plan accordingly.

Anonymous said...

omg that is awful the landlord gave your pup food! i would never do that without asking someone! AGHHH (plus sooo many people don't know dogs can't have certain foods or they can die!).

and i love flea markets! :) hope you had a nice weekend!

Peggy said...

Sounds like you are finding things to do. I know it takes a while to know where to go for everything without any help from friends.
Hang in there. I would really hate to share spaces even if it is outside, some people could care less.

Tamara said...

I'm not sure where you stay, but Canal Walk shopping mall stays open late most days and the Pick n Pay at the V&A Waterfront is open till 10 every night. There's also a couple of Engen fuel stations that have a 24-hour Woolworths Food attached where you can get basics like milk, bread, veg etc. I still (after four years) miss the "late" shops hours in Cape Town. In Johannesburg, places close even earlier.

Naturally Me Creations said...

Hehe...yes, i suppose you'll have to get used to the early closing times here. ;)
Btw, speaking of Makro (incase you haven't noticed yet), i wouldn't buy single items there, since it's often more expensive than in regular stores (like Pick 'n Pay etc). We mostly only buy bulk at Makro, unless we can't find it elsewhere. (I like to save my cents where i can) Haha. :)