Saturday, April 2, 2011

Job search.

View from Muizenberg beach.
The job search is hard, it seems like most job web sites post for internet and computer technology jobs, which I am not really qualified for. I did, however, apply for two jobs this week, near where we live. I'm unsure of how it will all work out because I am a foreigner. I may be putting the cart before the horse in terms of my visa. As far as I know, I can apply for a job, then when accepted, I apply for a work permit visa; but it could be the opposite. My concerns are that they just changed the requirements for obtaining work visas here and I'm not sure how I fit into to all, and how long it will take to be approved. Either job would be good, one is part-time, one full time. There are two more in the next two weeks that I will apply for as well. They only contact you if you are on the "short list" so I'll be waiting with my phone in hand. I'm either a hot commodity and have "critical skills" (a visa term) that they need, or I am too much trouble to hire (due to all the visa stuff)- I'm not sure which one I am. In reviewing my curriculum vitae, I surprised myself in how good I sound! I'd forgotten all the cool things I have done over the last ten years.

Lets hope I'm hot (as in commodity!)

Song of the days: Nice Work if You Can Get It  as sung by Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee.

My favorite version is sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Listen Here. I also really liked how Cybil Shepard sung it for her show's theme song.

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