Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Spy: Neighborhood

Hello, I'm gonna start doing something that littlemissmomma started a few weeks ago, an I SPY segment. I really like her blog and crafts; I have to make myself only look at it a couple times a week. I took most of these pictures today while driving to the gym and back. It was very cloudy this morning, but it cleared up nicely by the afternoon!
Devil's peak at the intersection of Lover's Walk and Grotto.

Here, they put electric fencing on as many places as they can.

One of my favorite houses in the neighborhood; it has a bubbling fountain and is 3 stories high.

St. Paul's Anglican Church, just off of Main.

View from my dining room. Gray morning, no rain.

UCT campus, Table Mountain, in the background, is covered by the "Table Cloth" of clouds.

View from my street. Lots of cars parked on the street because we are so close to UCT.

This is a house on the corner of my street, it's name is Dyffryn (it reminds me of Harry Potter!)

It should just be called Rondebosch Video (it is a video and convenience store, not a cafe!)

This is the intersection of Main and Grotto; the gray building holds the Pick N' Pay that we do a lot of our grocery shopping at.
A man selling hand-carved wooden spoons and ostrich feather dusters.

"Happiness Unlimited" is actually very limited- the store is much smaller inside than it looks.

Mini bus taxi- can you see all the bodies in it? (This is a much newer van than what you would normally ride in.)
This is the Claremont Mercedes dealership, I really like the architecture.

Table Mountain with the "Table Cloth."
P.S.- Sorry for the bad photos.
P.P.S.- Uploading these took forever because I use a pre-paid wireless modem for internet!

Song of the day: Like a Prayer by Glass Cake. It's a cover of Madonna's hit song. What do you think?


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I felt like I was completely transported to your town when I went through this post. Now I have to do some googling to find out exactly where you are living--it seems like such an interesting and fun place! Love the Harry POtter looking house, lol!

Anonymous said...

The pictures you took were lovely! And what funny little names some of the shops have. :0) It must be so exciting (and a little odd) to live in a different country.

Lovely Light said...

Life here is definitely interesting! We are slowly getting used to most things, but every culture has its own way of doing things-- this can cause major frustrations sometimes! But I'm also appreciating some of the things here that cannot be found/seen in the USA.