Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Spy: Shoes and Jewelry.

Well, in my post here, I mentioned that I have three pairs of shoes right now. So I decided to give them all some credit…and without further ado:
My tennis shoes.
These are actually my first pair of Nikes. I'm usually a New Balance kind of girl.

My flip flops, both made by Reef. Please ignore the sock imprint on my feet! Also, please give me props for the toenail art- I did it myself! With a toothpick! Apparently it is very rare to find a professional that can do it here in Cape Town.

My casual flip flips.

My "dressy" flip flops. Not so fancy now that they got wet :(

Moving across the world with jewelry leaves a bit of a quandary. Do you bring it all? Do you leave it all in storage? I did a bit of both, bringing some stuff I cared about and some, not so much. I’ve taken a few pictures of the pieces that I love and have with me here. 
Handmade saguaro with silver/turquoise. Something to remind me of home.
I love Bulova watches. I even wore one at my wedding!
A necklace made out of a spoon. Bought at the 4th Avenue Street Fair.

Something my father gave me. It has peridot. I wish I had brought something my mother gave me.


   This next one is a Christmas piece that my hubby bought for me from Olive Bungalow. I picked it out for myself- have you ever done this? I'm just so particular...
   There is a "bad husband story" that needs to be told. He bought it, fully wrapped, just before we went out to dinner and he was so excited to see it that he opened it, MY PRESENT, in front of me at the restaurant.  Then he made me wait until Christmas to get it. Has this ever happened to you? I didn't think so. I'm pretty sure that I will be telling this for years to come....

It is so unique because it is one piece of stone, doesn't it look like a painting?!

The back of the pendant.

Thanks for looking! 
What would you bring with you to Africa?

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P.S.: Hubby’s blog can be found here.

Song of the day: Dedicated to the hubby because he is such a good sport!

Loving you is Easy by Sarah McLachlan:


Gina said...

Hi there,
followed your comment on my blog.
Just finished reading from the beginning.
I think you guys are very brave for moving across the world and are really making a go of it!!
Next time Im in CT we will definitely have to get together, I wish I had known before we got back, we could have arranged to meet up :)
Do you have a Twitter profile? (if you do, do you follow me and I havent followed you back? In which case Im sorry!!!)
Looking forward to reading more of your SA adventures!

Lovely Light said...

Thanks for looking! I would love to meet new people! I do not have a Twitter profile, so no worries! By the way, I like your butterflies. :)

Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

That stone necklace is beautiful!

Eliza said...

Love the necklace and the shoes! Also love that you have "dressy" flip-flops. It reminds me of the fact you can wear flip-flops every day in AZ. Ah the memories ...