Monday, December 31, 2012

Weeks 26, 27, 28: Taking it easy, but keeping busy!

Gorgeously made paper horse at Anthropologie!
I’ve been visiting my hometown since we left Cape Town. I’ve been spending quality time with my husband, father, mother, grandmother, in-laws, and close friends. Time is racing by and in just a week, I’ll be on a plane back to Cape Town.

Maternity clothes shopping: I found pants at Target and Ross, but ended up returning them because they were too long and I would never end up hemming them. I found some luck at Burlington Coat Factory- I found some jeans that were perfect for my short stature! I will say that the quality control is poor, and of the first 5 shirts I tried on, three had serious flaws. I’d shop there again, paying intense scrutiny to seams, etc. I found some good clothing options at the Goodwill- a dress, and some shirts. I actually had the most success at Motherhood Maternity. They make petite pants sizes (i.e. for short women) and I found the moderate prices worth it for even me (I hate to spend money on clothes). When you add in the savings from not having to have them professionally hemmed (since I do not own a sewing machine at the moment), it seemed worth the cost. I also found a tankini maternity bathing suit- can’t wait to hit the Cape Town beaches when we get back!!

Below are pictures at 26, 27, and 28 weeks pregnant.

 Bought a lot of things online: Land’s End t-shirts for hubby, a new Timbuk2 camera bag, a small Gorilla tripod with a built-in level, a Boba G3 Baby Carrier (so excited), a new eye mask (the best one I’ve found), a Medela Freestyle double breast pump (I decided to go with it, even though it is not a closed system because I can find parts in SA), a double breast pump corset bra (it got the best reviews, and some Carter’s baby clothes.

Mia, the dog, being a "tortilla."
  • I made a Rachel Ray recipe: Rigatoni with Ricotta. OMG. I should have really read the recipe! I should have known what ingredients were in it, what cooking methods were used, how long it would take, and how many servings was in it- basically everything important. I blame pregnancy brain! I almost put in 1 ¼ cups tarragon instead of 3 tablespoons! I also liberally left out ingredients and substituted others (like manchego cheese and hot Italian sausage).
  • I made these Lazy Cookie Bars. So easy! After mixing they seemed a little stickier than the site suggested (maybe the extra-large eggs I used), so baking took a little longer than the 20 minutes suggested. I would definitely make this again, and have been telling everyone how simple they are! Since South Africa does not sell yellow cake mixes, I might try it with a white cake mix, or make a yellow cake mix from scratch.
  • I tried this recipe for Cheeseburger Soup- it uses Velveeta cheese (can’t get in SA) to make it creamy. I added baby portabello mushrooms and pan toasted some french bread for the side. On a rainy winter day, It was a huge hit with the hubby and father!

Had to show off my 1st haircut in 2 years!

Things left to do:
Order a few more things online- if we have time and shipping doesn’t cost too much.
Most importantly, I have not eaten at some of my favorite restaurants yet, so I still have to eat my way through town just a bit more.
I also MUST indulge in an entire box of LuckyCharms. I might share. Or not.

I probably won’t post again until after I’ve settled back in Cape Town. 
See you next year, on the other side of the world!!

Song of the Post: "Skinny Love" by Birdy. If you haven't heard of this incredible young girl, you need to watch and listen.


Shana Scott said...

I'm so happy for you to be able to spend Christmas with your family state side! I haven't been home in forever! Grab some authentic mexican food for my sake while there! ;-) Enjoy every single moment! If you are close to one try TJ Maxx for maternity wear with short in seams some of my friends have been very successful there! Safe travels and enjoy the colder weather!!

Blairadise said...

You look so cute!! How was your flight? We also went home for the holidays. That flight is not for the faint hearted! Especially not with a 2 year old. We are still struggling with jet lag and we arrived home last Wednesday.

I have the Madela double breast pump. It's a life saver! One should not have to breast feed without it.

Good luck for the next few weeks.