Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Langa Township Training Center.

Last June, there were a few friends in town, and they invited us to go on a township tour with them. One of the areas we visited was called Langa, which means “Sun”. You can read about its history here and here

In Langa, there are small community training centers where people can learn certain trades and crafts, such as cooking, how to re-use plastics into new useful objects, how to make musical instruments, and various arts and crafts.

At this Center, there were people learning to make ceramics. They learn how to make and use molds, kiln fire the ceramics, and then decorate them with glazes. I love this type of pottery, and plan to bring back an entire set of them in the future. 

Painted, waiting to be fired one last time.

Worker painting designs on a cup.

Our group and the ceramicists. Kiln on the left.

Here is an example of  the vibrant finished pieces. Source.

 There is a room to learn how to make djembe drums, and also an area to make fun wall hangings that depict township homes and businesses.



Love these. They are so cute and are somewhat representative.
There was even a little music area for tourists to try playing the handmade wooden marimbas, dejembes, and gourd rattles. It was really fun.

Tourists of various groups coming together in musical harmony.

The hubs, obviously having fun!

It was very touristy, and yet, gives you a broader perspective on the artistic work that is being created in South Africa and see how some community programs can really make a difference in developing employable job skills.

Song of the Post: Lovesick by The Arrows. They are a girl band from South Africa, and I’m so impressed with their budding talent. I got to see them live at K-Day earlier this year (see my post), and it was two girls on the stage- one playing a piano guitar and the other a drumset. How cool is that?!


Sami said...

African art is so colourful! I love those ceramic cups, makes me want to fly there just so I can buy some!

Helene said...

found you through the hop!! great pictures!

Helene in Between

Shana Scott said...

This is awesome! I'm also an American living in SA! (Limpopo!) I'd love to hear more about how you got to this fabulous country!

Nicholl Vincent said...

how fun! love the cups!

Hope you have a great weekend! Stop by & say hi!

Paula Miller said...

What a beautiful place to live :) Newest follower through the blog hop!
Hope you'll stop by sometime and say hello :)


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

This is the sort of thing that I would just love to do! The art on the ceramics looks a little like Aboriginal dot painting art...