Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Fe Plaza.

The Plaza in Santa Fe is a park/gathering area for locals and tourists. When I was there, it was cold and had snow built up from earlier days of snowing. The sidewalks were busy, but not crowded. The shops had authentic and “touristy” items in them and were on the “pricey” side. There are Native American sidewalk vendors who sell traditional and modern jewelry.

Lots of hanging shop signs.

Dog friendly place.
Those were real pine boughs wrapped around each post!
Pedestrian friendly as well.

Window reflection.
Traditional Pueblo artwork on a building's wall.

We ate at La Fonda, a famous hotel and restaurant- it has been there since 1929! We had their New Mexican buffet and were fairly impressed. Their green chile enchiladas, refried beans, and soups were delicious. For dessert they had biscochitos (a traditional new Mexican cookie made with anise seeds) and vanilla custard. Heavenly!

I loved the heavy beams and hanging copper pots! (source).
St. Francis Cathedral Basilica is beautiful and sits just off the plaza area. Please follow the link to learn more about it. I wish I’d had time to go inside. It is still a place of worship, holding services regularly.

You innocently turn the corner and see this majesty in front of you.

I’d love to spend a few days walking around the plaza area and surrounding streets.  It is such a creative and lovely place.  Have you ever been?

P.S.- I thought I had taken a bunch of Instagram pictures on my phone, but alas, I'm a techno loser who apparently doesn't know how to work the app, and none of my images were saved. Any tips would be appreciated.

Song of the Post: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. This has been in my head lately.


Peggy said...

Wow! looks like you had a great time. I would love to visit there.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

How cool! Bonus - a Mexian buffet that's actually good? A rarity. Sounds like a fun day!

If you have time.... my latest posting is a reader who is seeking fashion advice on her thrifted outfit. I would LOVE it if you could stop by and offer your words of style and wisdom (any of your readers are welcomed too!).

Thank you and happy holidays!