Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday 18/02/11- Sunday 20/02/11

      On Friday, we had a fairly simple list of things we needed to buy for our house and things we needed to do, including open a bank account- seems simple right? Nope. Not. At. All. We went to the bank and were told at reception that we needed proof of our lease. So we left and walked all the way to Mowbray, two neighborhoods away, to meet with the staff housing specialist to get it sorted out. We had cash to pay rent but she did not want our money until we could pay it electronically with a bank card. So we are smarter and ride a white taxi bus back to the bank. The receptionist then asks for the husband’s proof of contract with UCT. What?! You couldn’t tell us that before?? So we go to the human resources office and get what we need and get to the bank in time to meet with a very nice woman and got a “Premier” account. We have temporary debit cards, they will call us when they have the new ones available. We have to go the bank in person to activate them, we can’t get them in the mail like in the USA. We went to the grocery store again- every day we are now going to be doing this. We have a small fridge and things come in small quantities.
We spoke with the Grad Student who gave us the information of the company in town that he used to unlock his iPad. We also met his lovely girlfriend. They both like our dogs, which means that we like them.
I was seriously experiencing jet lag and was falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m.- again, anyone who knows me knows that if I go to bed by midnight, it is a good night. To top it all, throughout the night Etta was restless and kept waking me up.
      On Saturday we went to the City Bowl to iFixiPod, the iPod unlocking place that the neighbor had told us about. We took a long ride in a rickety taxi van with 14 other people that in the USA would only fit 7-9  people. We went through a sketchy part of town, don’t know that the neighborhoods were, to a large parking area for taxis next to the main train and bus terminal for Cape Town. We walked a LONG way up another hill and finally found it, with brief stops at a book store for a map book of Cape Town and at a motorcycle shop. Go figure. We walked down Kloof and Long Street, where we saw three different Backpacker’s Hostels. These are the main hostels in SA; they have a many all along the coast, and inland too and they have a shuttle that can take you to each one. Many people go up and down the coast or start in Cape Town and make their way up the eastern coast and end in Joburg. Long is a very hip street and some parts of the video I posted come from that street.
     Sunday was our first relaxing day in a long time. We have been going strong for weeks and we allowed ourselves to rest in the house for most of the morning, then went to the Cavendish Mall area to see if we could find us a belt, wallet, shirt, and each of us a pair of shoes. We don’t get our things until April 1st, so we have a long wait. The hubby finally found a wallet, and I had minor luck with a shirt. We also bought some half price books and an Edward Gorey puzzle. You’ll know who the illustrator is if you remember the opening scenes of Mystery! on PBS. It has amused us for many hours since we do not have television. It was funny, we were actually getting competitive about it! Saying things like “well, I got all this section, what did you get done?” We took pictures of our progress. Now we are done and we need another puzzle. 
The completed masterpiece.

Sound track of the days: Falling or Flying by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Listen starting at minute 1:10.


Anonymous said...

When should Jeff and I come visit? :-)

MultipleMum said...

The beginning of it all. I love the picture of your completed puzzle! What an accomplishment - I love a good puzzle too. Have you discovered wasgij? Check them out if you haven't. Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind x