Sunday, July 1, 2012

Highs and Lows for the week of 24/06/12.

"Where is the ball?!"
  • Helping the hubby with his job. He was teaching/coordinating a short 3-day course, and I helped him coordinate much of the “behind the scenes” stuff. It’s nice to feel useful and help contribute to our finances for once!
  • The amount of energy I had while “working” was amazing! When I’m home all day, I have an afternoon “slump” and feel very tired, however, during the days leading up to the course and the 3 day course itself, I never felt tired.
  • Performing a belly dance “gig” for a friend who was in a talent contest and didn’t want to be by herself. I got through it, and am braver for it! I now have more practice with improvisation- much harder than you’d think!
  • Being called “kind” yesterday by a valued friend.
  • Listening to Catching Fire, The Hunger Games’ sequel on my iPod.
  • Husband FINALLY installing the half-sized dishwasher we bought from a friend a couple months ago. YAY!
  • Getting to practice Yoga this week. I never seem to make the 9:00 a.m. class, but am always glad when I do. And sore.

Casual Saidi costume.
  • Rainy Cape Town- not as fun as you’d think. Not bad, just not nice.
  • Fighting with the hubby. Never fun.
  • The belly dance “gig” was very stressful because I forgot my props and people were sitting in the small area where we were to dance, and I had a really hard time modifying my routine to fit the smaller space. I was also not used to being 3 feet from people while in costume; I’m used to being up on a stage, removed. Also, for the first time, I recognized someone I know in the audience, and that was fairly traumatic.
  • All the household chores that didn’t get done while working on the course means that this morning was full of laundry, folding of said laundry, cleaning the toilet, cleaning counters, sweeping, etc.

What I’m looking forward to:
  • Starting the literature review for my PhD!
  • Sunnier, warmer weather.


Song of the Post: Penelope by Pinback. I got to see them many years ago, the night before a final exam. Believe me, it was worth going!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

That wee pup is adorable!!

Sami said...

Very brave to do the belly dance in front of a crowd.
I would also hate to see someone I knew in the crowd...

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Aww I felt so happy when I read about you working with your husband. It's one of my favorite things to do with my husband and we try to collaborate on as many projects as we can. It's been raining here all day today and it's supposed to stick around for the week. That's okay, I like jumping around outside in my puddles. Tomorrow morning I hope to make it to a cafe, watch the rain and do some work. How exciting about your PhD! The literature review is such a work in progress. You think you've got it sorted and then you find 20 other things that you feel you just have to include! The way I did mine in the beginning was to give myself a word limit for the time being, say 6,000...and then when I do the second draft I add or take things out, each chapter for my thesis is about 8,000-10,000 words so purposely not hitting that mark in the first draft has been the way that I've managed it :) Can't wait to swap notes with you about PhD things!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

hey lovely, it's been a while just wanted to check in and see how you're going xoxox

Priscilla said...

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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Bellydancing!!! I am soooo behind on your blog.

Sorry to hear about the fight - hopefully it wasn't over getting the dishwasher installed.

Michelle ;)

Crystal said...

Wow belly dancing! You are a lot braver than me! It must have felt quite liberating though, and you should be very proud of yourself!

I've got the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy to get through. I think I'll be quite sad when I'm done! Have you seen the movie yet?

Your little dog is just the cutest (after mine, of course lol)