Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Fun

On 23/02/11 my husband turned a year older! Being new to the area and not wanting to be out too late, we settled for a nice lunch at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and then a braai at home.  Here is the lovely P, smiling as always, on a bridge in front of the Clock Tower.

Here is a gigantic man built out of red Coca-Cola crates. 

Red Man
 We ate a an Italian restaurant named Hildebrand. It was originally a German restaurant, and when an Italian family bought it in 1964, they decided to keep the name. P had a steak, his favorite, and I had a Chicken Caesar salad with a poached egg on top! Different sidewalk troups came by to entertain and ask for money. Some guys in leopard print did acrobatics; I did not have a good view, but P liked them. My favorite was an aging man who played acoustic versions of "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley, "Don't Worry, be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin and "Hello" by Lionel Richie. I gave him a tip at the end because he had put me in such a good mood!

Then we rode The Wheel of Excellence, aka the Cape Town Eye, and we had some great views! I started to get my bearings more once I could see the land better. Some of these pictures might be blurry in places because the condensation from each gondola’s air conditioner drips down on top of each other as we go in a circle. The water also drops onto people walking below it (at first we thought we had been pooped on by a bird! lol).
A gondola

View of Table Mountain

Looking out onto the Atlantic.
 All in all, we had a good day. It was definitely a low-key birthday. I hope he enjoyed it all the same!

 And a special treat (since I never post pictures of myself):


Gloria said...

Hi Marie, You look beautiful. Pedro looks When I used to get lonely in Brighton, I would go there and talk to the cashiers, clerks, or other shoppers. I am glad that you are posting your thoughts and comments and showing us around the town. I will sign off for now. I still have more read of your blog, but will read more tomorrow. Papo and I will go to the ranch tomorrow and keep installing the floor in the second bedroom and glue the 2 x 8's to make the front door. Talk to you later. Love, Wo

Lovely Light said...

Hi! So glad you are looking at my blog! When I was lonely in Ohio, I used to joke that Target was my best friend because I would go there and spend an afternoon going up every aisle and debating for minutes on end about whether to buy a certain item or not. Unfortunately, I have not found a Target replacement yet. I'm glad that you are making progress on your house!